Working for Fiskher - the new app for sea fishing!

Copyright © Tommy Egra
Copyright © Tommy Egra

Finally, I can tell that I have been working with a new app for fishing. It has been kind of a secret - but not anymore!

Together with some very experienced and nice people, I have been working and developing the fishing app; Fiskher.no. I have done this since September last year, and the app is truly unique and has many features that are ideal for anglers along the coast. I believe that everyone who uses it will get more fish and have more fun fishing.


My job is, among other things, to draw fishing spots for a number of popular fish species on the map, so that you can fish mine and other well-known fishermen's recommended fishing spots. I am switches between 50% and 100% position, and still work as a freelance journalist for SNVF and Jakt & Fiske. Short summary: Three cool jobs that are all about fish and sports fishing!

Stay tuned, and you'll get an update on the app and what's going on!