11. September 2017
I have been working as a halibut guide in Steigen for some days now, and finally we caught the fish we were hoping for! Together with Christer Rognerud I´ve guided for Helsport and Manshausen at "Camp Ousland". Then we went to Nordskot Brygge and made a fishing movie with Raymarine. After just a few hours, Christer caught this amazing catch, a monster man-sized halibut. When I´m home, I will upload more photos and videos! (The halibut is on the left side!)

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05. April 2017
Another beautiful day at sea! Together with fishing my buddies Johan and Magnus, I went fishing for cod, hoping for sea trout, outside Lillesand and Homborsund a beautiful and sunny spring day in March. We fished in “my” test boat; the Askeladden P77 Weekend. It´s rigged with a hefty 200hp Suzuki, Simrad sonars and Fusion sound, accompanied by tons of rods and gear from various brands. It was cloudy and chilly when we left the bay, and the fishing was just ok. Later on, the sun decided to...

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13. March 2017
Together with Agenda Kultur Arendal (AKA) i will do a photo seminar for beginners. I´ve just uploaded some photos to show some different photos I will show. I will use these and other photos to explain photo composition and techniques at the seminar. One of the most important thing is to compose a good photos thats easy and interesting on the eye. This, together with the focus-point and light - is the foundation of any images. I want to highlight the easy parts of photographing, and just touch...

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07. March 2017
This season I´ve really been occupied! Together with Båtliv and Jakt & Fiske I´ve planned two "new" boats as base for several new articles and tests. First out is the Askeladden P77 Weekend, complete with Simrad and Fusion gear. I´m "fake-buying» this boat from Erik at Agder Båt & Suzukisenter. He, and his guys has worked hard mounting all the stuff I needed and now the «hard work» has started.. Can´t tell you more about all the articles and plans for this boat, but I will keep...

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11. February 2017
It´s ice all over our country. Perch fishing is one of the funniest and easiest fishing style you can find. Asgeir shows how to do it and everybody in all ages can catch these tasty fishes.

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23. November 2016
Yesterday I was invited to a show with Børge Ousland at Jakt & Friluft. Last time I saw his show was when I worked for Elbe Normark (Rapala) and he was planning to go to Month Everest. Børge has travelled a lot, also after Everest, and this show was completely renewed. With a perfect mix og photos, movies and spoken word, about 60 persons sat glued to their chairs. It´s just breathtaking how he has worked to reach his goals. If you haven´t heard him yet, you should!

børge · ​ousland · ​borge · ​jaktogfriluft · ​explorer · ​north · ​pole

22. November 2016
Morten Martiniussen fishing for perch and walleye from the predator kayak. Nice - but very heavy! Build like a tanks, and last "forever".

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16. November 2016
Just like last year, it went fishing and celebrating my birthday with my family at Farsund Resort in September this year. When something works for all, such as fishing on my birthday, it would be completely crazy to change a good tradition like this!

fishing · ​sea · ​Norway · ​Tommy · ​egra · ​Farsund · ​mackerel · ​Resort · ​Elias · ​flounder · ​rita · ​gloria

15. November 2016
Finally it´s winter, and the movie I made with Asgeir last winter, can finally be shown to you all. I hope you´ll enjoy it and learn something about char fishing. It´s a super easy, affordable for everybody and perfect for the whole family. Remember to bring warm shoes and a big thermos, filled with hot chocolate or coffee!

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14. November 2016
Together with some sporty fishermen, we went out fishing in beautiful light and cold winter weather in the fjord of Oslo. I was testing a boat, some fishing equipment and hoping to get a sea trout or two, while the other guys just went fishing. We were driving a Boston Whaler Montauk 190 in 41,5 knots in minus five degrees.. That´s cold! Lucky for me, I have a Ursuit windproof survival suit and ski glasses to keep the wind away. You´ll see more from this trip in a magazine in near future!

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