Movie archive

This site contains many of the movies I´ve made. Most of them are about fishing, but you`ll find others as well. Moviemaking is gaining more of my time, and since moving pictures are the most popular these days, I´m sure more movies will come in the future.

intro jakt with njff nordland

ATF 2017 - Perch fishing on the ice

ATF 2016 - Char fishing on the ice

ATF 2016 - Fishing with spinner in rivers

ATF 2016 - Kystmeitetakkel (Paternoster)

ATF 2016 - Kysfiske med barn

ATF 2016 - Albright knuten

ATF 2016 - Kystfisketakkel

ATF 2016 - Sea trout fishing spots

ATF 2016 - Fishing sea trout with nereis

This is the first of many fishing school movies I´m gone do with Asgeir Alvestad. They are all published at and linked to our blogs. We hope this first episode about the nereis worm will inspire you sea trout fishermen out there!

Sea trout seminar trailer

This movie is just a demo for my sea trout show. It´s show some slides and some of the multimedia parts included. If you want me to make a custom seminar for your club, store or organization - I will do all I can to make it a memorable event!

Product movie for Vauhti LDR ski wax

This movie was made for NQ Sport, when working there as their Marketing Manager. It was made at Sjursjøen in 2015 with Rune Jøranli. 

Asgeir & Tommys fiskeskole test

This first test movie for Asgeir & Tommys Fiskeskole was filmed in Aust-Agder in Norway. It shows how Asgeir and others specimen fishermen are working night after night for the funniest, smallest or the flattest fishes around at night. I hope you´ll enjoy!

Rainbow fishing in Denmark 2013

This is a short movie from one of many hopeless sea trout trips to Denmark. This trip was saved by 1.000.000 escaped rainbow trouts and some good guides from Go Fishing in Odense, Fyn. Check it out and please let everybody know what you think about the movie!

Seatrout Easter 2013 Movie

A short movie about fishing for seatrout in the end of one of the coldest winters in a long time. It´s easter, and we had to run to Vest Agder, around Mandal to find warmer water and more active fishes. Enjoy!


Read the story here:

Winter flounder with Asgeir Alvestad Movie.

My first fishing movie is ready. This movie is about fishing with Asgeir Alvestad in Lillesand, Norway. It´s a short 10minutes video, packed with tips about flatfish techniques and beautiful flounders.

Angeldon. Audio; Norwegian

In this short movie you will find Martin Ellingsen from Jakt & Friluft in Asker, demonstrating the small, but very cool "Angeldon" Pike Flag by Atemi.


The movie is shot in Oslofjord, Norway. January 2013.

Seatrout ice fishing in Arendal. Audio; Norwegian

In this short movie, that will soon be moved to quick tips, we are fishing at the ice for seatrout near my home. My friend is Øyvind E. Kristensen and we just love ice fishing for seatrout.

Buøya 2012 - My first movie trailer

This is just a video I made for fun with my lovely wife! We are just walking and filming on the beautiful island; Buøya close to where we live. I hope you have plenty of time - because it might just take a long time before this movie actually will come to a "cinema near you!"