Farewell Adobe Lightroom?

My passion for Adobe products are fading slowly. Not because they aren´t great, but the fact that they are wasting my time and money in the” clouds” – making one-time-payments history - has inspired me to play with new photo editing software - again!

Adobe new payment method forces us to pay annually, and I´m not the only one that have started to look for other solutions.  The latest Lightroom CC (Cloud based) is as sad as it gets, and was re-installed after just a few hours. I just downloaded the latest and the last-ever desktop "pay and own" version - the Lightroom CC Classic 6. It will be the end of an era of amazing desktop software for photographers. I run a trial version of the Lightroom CC Standard (ver. 7) and it´s as good as before - but has to be paid annually. 

Affinity Photo & Designer

When my Panasonic GH5 raw files, couldn´t run on the LR 6, I decided to start looking for other programs. Photoshop is gone for good 2 years ago, in favour of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I am trilled about these amazing programs, but they lack the speed of Lightroom for quick adjustments and can be compared to Photoshop and Illustrator. Check it out here

Capture One 11

I´m like a boy with a new toy again! This program isn´t just good, it´s drastically better and more advanced than Lightroom in all forms, ways and styles – and cost $299 once! It´s kind of hard to learn at first, but serious, that was Lightroom at first as well..


Capture One is much more advanced and will suit photographer’s or colorgeeks with extreme needs. Tethered shooting in studio (shoot and send directly to your computer) is way better than Lightroom, and I can´t wait to get home to my studio and play. I have still a lot to learn, because this is a powerhouse! Check it out here

Luminar 2018

It you are just looking for a professional but easy to use and learn tool that´s cheap, neat and clever – look no more! Luminar have in an “Affinity Photo-way” listened to photographers and delivered some amazingly beautiful features that has really suited my need when speed and quick development is an issue. It cost about $70 and of course it a one-time.prize and includes future updates.


It isn´t better than Lightroom as a total package (Yet..) but in many sections and special features they´re much better – or should I say; They will give you the same results – but faster and easier. Check it out here

Inspiring article on alternatives

In my search for alternative programs I found this article from "Have camera - will travel" among others to help me figure out what was available. Also I got a tip from my friend, Martin Wallgren at Panasonic about Luminar and others programs that tends to have the lates Panasonic raw file engines up running quickly. 


I am shure I will leave Lightroom?


No, but quite. I love how underdogs are working with amazing programs, cameras and fishing gear under the radar, listening to users, hiring people with a heart for their product. Often, the results are not just impressive - but often better than the original giant that has fallen asleep. I say "Giant", you think "Canon or Adobe", and I say your right!