Travel · 23. November 2018
On the legendary Hare Island, six local instructors with dogs, weapons and a lot of experience stood ready
Travel · 23. November 2016
Yesterday I was invited to a show with Børge Ousland at Jakt & Friluft. Last time I saw his show was when I worked for Elbe Normark (Rapala) and he was planning to go to Month Everest. Børge has travelled a lot, also after Everest, and this show was completely renewed. With a perfect mix og photos, movies and spoken word, about 60 persons sat glued to their chairs. It´s just breathtaking how he has worked to reach his goals. If you haven´t heard him yet, you should!

Travel · 16. November 2016
Just like last year, it went fishing and celebrating my birthday with my family at Farsund Resort in September this year. When something works for all, such as fishing on my birthday, it would be completely crazy to change a good tradition like this!
Travel · 25. October 2015
September 23 is my birthday, and at this day we checked in. But as exhausted first time parents, we didn´t want any party. Peace and a quiet night, was actually all we needed, and the choice of accommodation had therefore naturally fell on Farsund Resort. Here, deep in the idyllic fjord Bjørnsvaagen, its always peaceful - and offers good fishing for many species of fish.

Travel · 07. October 2014
I am a man with very few addictions. But one I do have, and that always follows me when I´m travelling - is the urge to by fishing magazines from other countries. Actually, I am now in Barcelona with my wife. We have had a great vacation, even without my travel fishing rods! (Yes, I had to promise her..) I have seen tons of fish at the fish marked, spotted thick lipped mullet on the harbor and eaten plenty of fresh and well prepared sea food. But - I did not forget to find magazines on the way...
Travel · 01. March 2014
I just got the most crazy mission - ever! I got hired to photograph Terje Langli doing all the 90km long Vasaloppet on Elpex Roller skies!!!! Yes! On roller skies.

Travel · 20. February 2014
This is a short competition with no fixed end. This means that when the the peak of answers are over - the contest is over! If you know this place, let me know. If you know something more than just the name of the place - your more likely to win! Fill in your adress, and I will send the fishing line for free to you if you win! The winner will get a pack of Sufix 832 fishing superline. Go here to fill out the form: link
Travel · 15. February 2014
Just a sample of some fun shooting in Malaga with NQ Sport This photo shows Dag Ivar Hovde when he´s crossing a almost dry river in the mountains close to Malaga, Spain. I´m in a hurry with some deadlines now, but I´ll post some more photos soon! Please leave comment´s! Is this inspiring or does it make you want to stay in all day long??

Travel · 31. January 2014
Me and my wife had a lovely time visiting Mindo in Ecuador a few years ago. I found this when looking for some fishing photo, and started to remember this beautiful place for birdwatchers and hikers in the mountains in my wife Ecuador. If you are going to Ecuador, don´t forget this prestine place!
Travel · 31. December 2013
My site has been up and running for about one year now. It has been fun and an exciting experience for me. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. "Best wishes with the BIG fishes!" - to you all.