Equipment test

Equipment test · 23. March 2020
Today I went fishing/hunting for creeps, shrimps, worms, bugs, snakes, wolves, foxes, seatrouts, flounders and all other living catchable creatures that would end up in our way.
Equipment test · 18. June 2019
I had no idea where to sleep, and I came all the way to Beiarn before I found what I was looking for. One meter from the water, where the ice had started to melt, I set up my latest test-tent and went to sleep.

Equipment test · 25. December 2018
Together with his freelance dad (me), Elias has been working as a fisherman and outdoor equipment tester for two years now. I just love the combination of being his dad and travel together. This is some of the work we have done
Equipment test · 29. June 2018
Finally it´s June, summer and Efttex! The worlds second biggest fishing tackle show is held in Amsterdam - and I was lucky enough to be there!

Equipment test · 22. November 2016
Morten Martiniussen fishing for perch and walleye from the predator kayak. Nice - but very heavy! Build like a tanks, and last "forever".
Equipment test · 09. June 2016
For 12-13 years I have wanted to do this fly rod test! Together with Jakt & Fiske, and a dozen fishermen, stores and some kind fly rod manufacturers – Im proud to say: We did it! Don´t want to read more - just see the nerdy test results: Link The reason behind this test was simple. In 2001 I started to test dozens og cheap and medium prized fly rods against the most expensive rods on the marked. It surprised me that the casting difference was in many cases not measurable. After some...

Equipment test · 27. April 2016
I have tested Advanced Elements Packlite kayak. If you want a small en extremely light and compact kayak, this one must be considered! You can read the test from the Jakt & Fiske magazine here:…/jaktogfiske/Sider/Lett-fiskekajakk.aspx Thanks to Morten Lanes for helping me with the test!