Boats & Marine equipment

Boats & Marine equipment · 02. December 2017
It´s always inspiring to work with magazines and articles when they sometimes end up on the front page. This time it´s the amazing new pilothouse from Sting, the 630 Fast Track thats covers the frontpage.
Boats & Marine equipment · 09. October 2017
Finally! After a half year of learning and testing the top 5 sonars in the world (at the moment) it feels just amazing to see the test in the new Båtliv that arrived today. It might be the worlds first comparison of the "BIG 5" brands at this level.

Boats & Marine equipment · 07. March 2017
This season I´ve really been occupied! Together with Båtliv and Jakt & Fiske I´ve planned two "new" boats as base for several new articles and tests. First out is the Askeladden P77 Weekend, complete with Simrad and Fusion gear. I´m "fake-buying» this boat from Erik at Agder Båt & Suzukisenter. He, and his guys has worked hard mounting all the stuff I needed and now the «hard work» has started.. Can´t tell you more about all the articles and plans for this boat, but I will keep...
Boats & Marine equipment · 03. October 2015
This is a boat test published in the magazine Jakt & Fiske July 2014. Every year, I publish four boat test in this magazine, and this in one of them from 2014. Press for bigger photo, and read the whole text under! Thank´s to Espen, Kurt and Bård for joining me in Larvik!

Boats & Marine equipment · 14. September 2015
This is a boat test published in the magazine Jakt & Fiske July 2014. Every year, I publish four boat test in this magazine, and this in one of them from 2014. Press for bigger readable photo. Sorry for the Norwegian!
Boats & Marine equipment · 11. September 2015
Yamaha Press Seminar - Grebbestad, Sweden 9-11 Sept 2015 Since I´ve started testing boats for the magazine Jakt & Fiske in Norway, several new arenas has opened up for me, like this Yamaha press seminar. I`m very impressed over the big range of more than 50 boats, with salesmen, drivers and boat bilders available for information and a boat conversation. The brands available for test drives was: Jeanneau, Yamarin, Buster, Finnmaster and the brand new boat brand; Husky from Finnmaster. The...

Boats & Marine equipment · 05. September 2015
I am now visiting Båter i sjøen (Boat show) in Oslo, Picking up boats for boat test in Jakt & Fiske magazine for 2016. When walking among the boats, I tend to meet many old friends and making new ones. On the photo, I´m posing together with Frank Ronny from A-Team, and Erik Gammelsrød that has worked with me earlier with electric motors, downriggers and sonars. I am on the show today, and have already chosen one of the boats, and hoping to get one more by the end of the day. Choosing...
Boats & Marine equipment · 04. February 2014
For the 2014 season, I´ve made a brand new seminar for all of you all round fishermen out there! It´s a little of everything "salty", and contains something for everybody and not to much of anything. For some, it will be mostly like an inspiration night, while it will be a night of information for others. Looks like the first show of this kind, will be held in Arendal at my old job; Jakt & Friluft AS in the end of February or early in March. I´ll let you all know in advance! Need...

Boats & Marine equipment · 28. December 2013
Many people ask me about what camera and what lenses to buy. I try to put myself in their position and think of their needs, rather than mine. In some cases, or should I say; most cases, people end up with a Canon or a Nikon Kit, like the Canon EOS 650D with a cheap 18-55mm lens. For most people this is a good start, even if the lens is really not worth «anything». If you are not going to print a lot or make a living of shooting pro photography or video, it´s «ok» to have it in the...