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Fishing · 27. January 2014
If you know the name of the "monster" - go to competitions and send me you answer!
Fishing · 26. January 2014
It´s time for fishing and photo seminars. This, a book that I´m working on and several articles - makes my next two months very busy! Since I´ll start working as a 100% freelance photographer and journalist from February, I´m very happy for all the hard work that´s in front of me.

Fishing · 01. January 2014
This is a short movie from one of many hopeless sea trout trips to Denmark. This trip was saved by 1.000.000 escaped rainbow trouts and some good guides from Go Fishing in Odense, Fyn. Check it out and please let everybody know what you think about the movie!
Fishing · 01. January 2014
I thought that I was crazy when wading. But the crazy and well known seatrout fisherman, Claus Eriksen, just shows how dedicated and, dare I say; "stupid" we seatrout fishermen can get. I would never consider flyfishing without a wading stick in these conditions, but Claus - yes he did, and if you saw the movie, you know how bad that went! He is making a very exiting seatrout movie with Niels Vestergaard, that I believe will be mind blowing compared to all other seatrout movies out there!

Fishing · 29. December 2013
Even if it cosy and nice to sit inside our warm house, reading a fishing magazine and drink a cup of coffee - or two; nothing beats fishing when the fish bites! And sometimes, that´s what a great storm does; it makes the fish go crazy.
Fishing · 21. November 2013
Finally. After to many empty trips, the cold seems to have started the season, here in the south of Norway. It has been a strangely late season and we blame it all on the hot water temperature.

Camera, Photo&Video and software · 20. November 2013
Once again, have impressed me and teached me many lessons. This time they have served me the most complete online DSLR video making course I´ve seen. If you are into video, read this!
03. November 2013 - Bringing the pro´s to your home - or your brain My dream is that my homepage and my blog is about fishing, photography and film making. I just have a problem. Talking and writing about fishing has been my hobby and my job for years. Photography and film making is just ways or a tools to show my work, and sadly often forgotten. Many times, the photo part is harder and more painful than the fishing, but still, the fish gets the glory, not my Canons. Today I must tell you guys about...

25. October 2013
Finally we have decided who is winner of the first hundred «likes» on my Facebook site. My wife was originally supposed to pull out the winner, but she knows so many of you, that we let my mother in law do it. She picked a number from 1 to 100 and the lucky winner of my first competition is; Eric Bringsverd from Arendal. He has won two 120meters packages of Sufix´s new superline 832 (0,20mm and 0,28mm) and three Storm Suspending Wildeye Swimbait shads for pike fishing. (Total value about 700...
24. October 2013
The temperature and the amount of light each day are decreasing rapidly these days. For many that´s a sad thing, but for me, it means that the big sea trouts are feeling it to. It´s soon November. It is not by accident that many have caught their biggest sea trouts in November or December. It´s the time where all sea trouts has to face their biggest fear; the cold freezing water. For us fishers, the cold is not a problem, just a challenge. It means more clothes, extra socks, something warm...

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