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Fishing · 29. January 2014
Asgeir Alvestad promotes my seminars on his popular blog! A few days ago, I sent Asgeir some photos and some text about my seminars. Since we agreed that I´ll help him lighten his "hard work" fishing and writing blog, I´m going to take his seminars this year, if it´s possible. But, as the sales man he is, he put in much more nice words about me, that I wrote to him! Maybe it´s best like that. We Norwegians don´t like to brag about our selves, and it´s some serious bragging in this text....
Fishing · 26. January 2014
It´s time for fishing and photo seminars. This, a book that I´m working on and several articles - makes my next two months very busy! Since I´ll start working as a 100% freelance photographer and journalist from February, I´m very happy for all the hard work that´s in front of me.

Camera, Photo&Video and software · 23. November 2013
Have you bought a Canon digital camera, and lost your Canon Program CD´s or just haven´t a hole in your laptop to put it? Well, check out the video here, and your are up and running after five minutes! Today I´m taking some photos in my "worm studio". By worm studio, I mean taking photos of worms on hooks, in a aquarium in my house. «Crazy?» «Me?» Anyway I had promised my self, that this time I should use my Macbook Air 13 as a monitor and as a remote control to my Canon 5D MKII camera....
Camera, Photo&Video and software · 20. November 2013
Once again, have impressed me and teached me many lessons. This time they have served me the most complete online DSLR video making course I´ve seen. If you are into video, read this!

03. November 2013 - Bringing the pro´s to your home - or your brain My dream is that my homepage and my blog is about fishing, photography and film making. I just have a problem. Talking and writing about fishing has been my hobby and my job for years. Photography and film making is just ways or a tools to show my work, and sadly often forgotten. Many times, the photo part is harder and more painful than the fishing, but still, the fish gets the glory, not my Canons. Today I must tell you guys about...
31. August 2013
Today when I entered Asgeirs blog today I found his new fishing movie made together with the norwegian website Together with Bernt Nor from they fished outside Lillesand in south Norway. Asgeir Alvestad works at Pure Fishing Norway and are considered to be one of the best seafishermen in Norway. He has been doing fishing movies, books and a lot of articles and shows about fishing and his thoughts about fishing are for many considered to be "law". Check out this very...

28. June 2013
Once again the Norwegian learning place has made a quick guide to an amazing Adobe products latest update. This time it´s the new Lightroom 5 that has 4 really cool new funcions that they show us. Personally I really love this new update, and it has changed the way I work with my pre preparations on my photos. It´s super quick and really cool techniques that makes my day even better! Check out this norwegian movie about Lightroom 5
04. June 2013
About one week ago, I went out to fish with Aslak from Team Blega, and Bernt from We where out to promote the Jakt & Friluft School of Trolling in Arendal and to make a short movie about trolling techniques in general. After some serious cutting and a few hours on the computer, Bernt pubished this video today on There isn't any reason to talk to much about this, just press play and watch! I am quite happy with the results, and even if the weather was horrible, we...

11. May 2013
Today I can proudly show you a link to what I believe is one of the best fishing sites in Norway; Today they posten an article that I wrote about my 7 favorite seatrout flies for the spring seatrout fishing. All the flies are in sales, and are useful right now! Of couse they don´t have to be the exact same, and there is no rules. If you ask me the same questions about my flies in two years, I guess I would have chosen different patterns, but it would have been quite close. 50%...
10. May 2013
This one is for all you DIY (Do It Yourself) studio photographers. In bad english, professional photographer; Alex Koloskov, shows us some of the most amazing splash studio photographing done on earth. They also made the Google logo with colored water. Really cool! You can try to write your own logo or name with it, and I promise you - you will have clients! You will find many nice tutorials on his site!

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