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Boats & Marine equipment · 14. September 2015
This is a boat test published in the magazine Jakt & Fiske July 2014. Every year, I publish four boat test in this magazine, and this in one of them from 2014. Press for bigger readable photo. Sorry for the Norwegian!
02. November 2013
Not all stories can have a happy ending. Spesially not if you´re a fisherman! This is one of these stories. Longum Lake in Arendal is famous for it´s pike fishing. It delivers from time to time 10 kg + pikes and has so much food (perch and whitefish) in it, that it can hold many big ones without any problems. The thing that is sad, is that lately it doesn´t deliver like it used to do. I have fished this lake for years, and know many experienced fishers than trolls and drifts this lake so...

31. August 2013
Today when I entered Asgeirs blog today I found his new fishing movie made together with the norwegian website Together with Bernt Nor from they fished outside Lillesand in south Norway. Asgeir Alvestad works at Pure Fishing Norway and are considered to be one of the best seafishermen in Norway. He has been doing fishing movies, books and a lot of articles and shows about fishing and his thoughts about fishing are for many considered to be "law". Check out this very...
04. July 2013
On saturday 29 June the National Trolling competition was held. It´s one of the largest fishing competitions in Norway and this year was a little special. First of all, it was the 10th anniversary for the competition and with a new main sponsor (Jakt & Friluft AS) things changed a little bit.

12. May 2013
When trolling for seatrout, the chances for you to get nice cods or pollocks is good. I have today uploaded some new photos to my photo archives. This photo is of my good friend, Tore Grundeland and his nice cod caught when trolling for seatrout in Mandal some years ago. If I don´t remember wrong, this was the best memory of this day, so I´m happy that we have these fishes around when the seatrouts don´t want to bite. Today, when more and more people are fishing with dipsy divers, snap on...
09. May 2013
My friends from Team Blega sent me some nice salmon photos from their last trip to Bornholm and the annual "Trolling Master" competition there. They didn´t do it as well as last year (7th), but still they made to get among the 40 best boats out of about 250boats! This year my other friends at Team Havtroll, Fredrik and Nils Andre became the best norwegian boat, and ended up at 7th place! Congratulations to you guys!! What I like so much with these guys, (Team Blega and Havtroll) is that they...

06. March 2013
Today 6/3 I will hold my Trout Seminar at Jakt & Friluft AS in Arendal, Norway. I hope that if you are close enough, that you will come an listen to me! The show will be 3 hours long, and contain flyfishing, lurefishing, biology, hot spots, tips and ideas aswell as trolling for trout. To get more information call Jakt & Friluft AS (370 60 700) or go directly to their web site:
04. March 2013
My first fishing movie is ready. This movie is about fishing with Asgeir Alvestad in Lillesand, Norway. It´s a short 10minutes video, packed with tips about flatfish techniques and beautiful flounders. I hope you´ll enjoy!

07. February 2013
My first downrigger was a Cannon Easy Troll and I was 14. I used a long time to understand it and how trolling worked in general. But with the help of Jan Olsson and his beautiful book Trolling I found it out! Since this I've allways been facinated with trolling and all the fancy equipment around it's sport. This one is quicker and more robust than the older one and also comes with a swivel base included. The new rod holder standard also makes this a dream for those that don't need electric...
06. February 2013
My fishing buddies at Team Blega with one of the good movies from the Trolling Master at Bornbolm, Denmark 2012. They ended up at 7th place and this is the best norwegian boat ever in this contest. Here they catch two big ones, where the biggest is more than 15kg!! Enter their blog to see more! (See friends)