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Travel · 07. October 2014
I am a man with very few addictions. But one I do have, and that always follows me when I´m travelling - is the urge to by fishing magazines from other countries. Actually, I am now in Barcelona with my wife. We have had a great vacation, even without my travel fishing rods! (Yes, I had to promise her..) I have seen tons of fish at the fish marked, spotted thick lipped mullet on the harbor and eaten plenty of fresh and well prepared sea food. But - I did not forget to find magazines on the way...
Travel · 15. February 2014
Just a sample of some fun shooting in Malaga with NQ Sport This photo shows Dag Ivar Hovde when he´s crossing a almost dry river in the mountains close to Malaga, Spain. I´m in a hurry with some deadlines now, but I´ll post some more photos soon! Please leave comment´s! Is this inspiring or does it make you want to stay in all day long??