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Boats & Marine equipment · 05. September 2015
I am now visiting Båter i sjøen (Boat show) in Oslo, Picking up boats for boat test in Jakt & Fiske magazine for 2016. When walking among the boats, I tend to meet many old friends and making new ones. On the photo, I´m posing together with Frank Ronny from A-Team, and Erik Gammelsrød that has worked with me earlier with electric motors, downriggers and sonars. I am on the show today, and have already chosen one of the boats, and hoping to get one more by the end of the day. Choosing...
Fishing · 29. January 2014
Asgeir Alvestad promotes my seminars on his popular blog! A few days ago, I sent Asgeir some photos and some text about my seminars. Since we agreed that I´ll help him lighten his "hard work" fishing and writing blog, I´m going to take his seminars this year, if it´s possible. But, as the sales man he is, he put in much more nice words about me, that I wrote to him! Maybe it´s best like that. We Norwegians don´t like to brag about our selves, and it´s some serious bragging in this text....

18. January 2013
Tuestday I will be at Oslo Sportsfiskere with my Trout fishing seminar. With me I have the crazy man - Martin Ellingsen. Together we will make this a memorable night for the members there! We look forward to be there!