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Fishing · 12. November 2013
This week I want to have a quick competition for those of you that knows a thing or two about old norwagian lures. This lure was given to me from one of the family members, who still have some of this nice, and actually very good fishing lure. It´s not long, it´s not heavy and I would say that it´s an allround lure for both fresh and salt water. Send in your answer in the form under, and the winner will be announsed already on the 17 November 2013. Go to the contest here
16. October 2013
If you are not working in a sport fishing product company, a fishing magazine or in a fishing tackle store, you are almost guaranteed not to know about some of the most important magazines for the business and the products of sport fishing. Not only will you be able to find a lot of "secrets", next year new product lines or even the year after that. You will find out much more than you find in catalogs or home pages about Norwegian companies or international companies in interviews and...