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Fishing · 29. December 2013
Even if it cosy and nice to sit inside our warm house, reading a fishing magazine and drink a cup of coffee - or two; nothing beats fishing when the fish bites! And sometimes, that´s what a great storm does; it makes the fish go crazy.
11. May 2013
Today I can proudly show you a link to what I believe is one of the best fishing sites in Norway; Today they posten an article that I wrote about my 7 favorite seatrout flies for the spring seatrout fishing. All the flies are in sales, and are useful right now! Of couse they don´t have to be the exact same, and there is no rules. If you ask me the same questions about my flies in two years, I guess I would have chosen different patterns, but it would have been quite close. 50%...

02. April 2013
Finally! Enough fish and good weather to make a seatrout movie! After one whole day of fishing, everything was done in 1 to 2 hours at the end of the day. Read my earlier blog to read the story. Here is the movie. The sound quality is a little bad because of heavy wind. To take that away, also takes away a lot of not unwanted sound. I believe this is the best I could come up with! Enjoy!
31. March 2013
After some rather empty trips, we finally found warmer water and better conditions than earlier this season. Me, Martin Ellingsen and Øyvind Elefsen, went to Vest Agder´s beautiful areas for seatrout, to find warmer water. We started our trip in Mandal at Bankebrua. This is normally "the sure thing" but not this morning. After this we travelled to Vigeland, not equally stabile, but offers some great average sizes. Here we met to flyfishermen, and they had been fishing for three hours, without...

31. January 2013
Today I got to grap some of the finest seatrout shrimp flies a have ever seen! These small Pattegrisen and other smaller shrimps from Midgar are just amazing! They are not that big that we normally see them, and they come from big to extremely small Mysis imitation variants. I planned to stay at my office and do some writing on monday, but now I "must" try out these little babies on bombarda with my Edge 11 fot rod and with my brand new Abu Revo Neos reel. With so many new things at hand,...