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Travel · 07. October 2014
I am a man with very few addictions. But one I do have, and that always follows me when I´m travelling - is the urge to by fishing magazines from other countries. Actually, I am now in Barcelona with my wife. We have had a great vacation, even without my travel fishing rods! (Yes, I had to promise her..) I have seen tons of fish at the fish marked, spotted thick lipped mullet on the harbor and eaten plenty of fresh and well prepared sea food. But - I did not forget to find magazines on the way...
Camera, Photo&Video and software · 14. December 2013
First time I saw ISSUU.Com was when I worked in Jakt & Friluft AS. We uploaded our catalogue there and it looked good, and then I forgot it for a while. Later I found out that companies and e-magazines are using this and other sites to publish their stuff. If you would like to expand you hobby or read about your favorite rods or reels, try out a quick search at, and I would be amazed if you wouldn´t find anything.

16. October 2013
If you are not working in a sport fishing product company, a fishing magazine or in a fishing tackle store, you are almost guaranteed not to know about some of the most important magazines for the business and the products of sport fishing. Not only will you be able to find a lot of "secrets", next year new product lines or even the year after that. You will find out much more than you find in catalogs or home pages about Norwegian companies or international companies in interviews and...