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Boats & Marine equipment · 03. October 2015
This is a boat test published in the magazine Jakt & Fiske July 2014. Every year, I publish four boat test in this magazine, and this in one of them from 2014. Press for bigger photo, and read the whole text under! Thank´s to Espen, Kurt and Bård for joining me in Larvik!
Fishing · 29. January 2014
Asgeir Alvestad promotes my seminars on his popular blog! A few days ago, I sent Asgeir some photos and some text about my seminars. Since we agreed that I´ll help him lighten his "hard work" fishing and writing blog, I´m going to take his seminars this year, if it´s possible. But, as the sales man he is, he put in much more nice words about me, that I wrote to him! Maybe it´s best like that. We Norwegians don´t like to brag about our selves, and it´s some serious bragging in this text....

21. October 2013
Late summer 2009. A group of very hopeful fishers takes off at Gardemoen airport, Oslo. We have been sponsored by several Norwegian fishing and sport brands, and the goal was to get the mysterious arctic char in Svalbard summertime. The rumors was that it is impossible to catch it with fishing lures summertime. Net fishing from helicopter It started one day, in my work lunch room. A well travelled man told us that a friend of him had fished for scientific purposes after arctic char from...
14. October 2013
Today I found a new channel for free fishing TV. They have more than 250.000 downloaded apps and are also able to be downloaded on smart TVs at home. The channel is called: and has a lots of movies with tons of different fishing stuff and types of fishing. They have a free category, and bronze, silver and gold memberships that cost a few bucks each mont to watch. If you are bored of Netflix or other VOD alternatives, this might be something for you. I have just started to watch...

20. May 2013
I can hardly wait to return to Saltstraumen, the most powerful malstroem in the world. The 23 of May I will travel together with 15 fishermen up to Saltstraumen brygge for a long and hopefully very successful weekend. We will be fishing for halibut, wolffish and seatrout. I will post a lot of photos and videos after the trip is over, so you will for shure know the results! Here´s some photos from last years trips:
24. April 2013
Here you can read about my five tips on seatrout fishing on cold seasons like 2013. The article was published at and the link is here: Article The article is written in norwegian.

23. April 2013
In my latest article in the magazine Alt om fiske, you can read about the exiting drop shot fishing in the sea. Togeter with my friends, Martin Ellingsen and Preben Thorbjørnsen we manage to catch a lots of different species and sizes of fish from my boat in Arendal. I really believe that drop shot fishing is something every experienced fisherman should try to get a better understanding of how to present softbaits in this super realistic way. I hope you will find the story interresting!
24. March 2013
Oh yeah! This is cool! 5 completely free fishingmagazines for all kinds of crazy fishermen out there. If you have not yet seen any of these magazines you must!! This idea is not new, and it´s a new way of selling magazines in a modern world. My first online magazine experience was with the This is a flyfishing only magazine, and has famous people like Brian O`Keefe and Todd Moen included. They have more and more interactive movies in the magazine now, and some of...

19. March 2013
I have always loved it, and I will always love it! My Orvis strippingbasket has been in Denmark and Sweden equally many times as me. Why? Becouse I never leave home without it. Today I have more than one "love". I have a nice basket from Lawson that is clear and works great. I have also a stripping board from C&F that´s superlight and does a good job, when weight and travel is most important. Anyway, if you want to learn more, check out Alt om Fiske 3/2013. I have an article about baskets...
01. March 2013
In todays blog I want to show you a super easy way to mount you Fishing Buddy on the ice. The normal bracket that comes with all the three models (110, 120 and 140) works ok on the ice, but are a little wobbling and not always straight. If theres no snow or other things around the hole, it´s difficult to make it stand correctly. This is why I decided to make an easy bracket for my 140X model. I just made a hole in the middle of a piece of wood and thats it. I made it with at a electical saw...

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