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Fishing · 22. December 2013
Sometimes when there´s a powerful storm outside, I remember some of the days we have fished «the day after the storm» and had a tremendous fishing. So since yesterday was one of the windiest days for a long time, I thought I wanted to go fishing sea trout today. The season this fall/winter has been a bad one. To hot, to windy and no good reports anywhere that I´ve heard about. (Let me know if you have heard something else) So when I called Øyvind Elefsen earlier today, I had mixed...
Fishing · 15. December 2013
Scud Mani has become one of my most popular patterns for difficult seat routs. It has also become a successful pattern, and become a part of history when it was publicized in an article in the Norwegian magazine Alt om Fiske in 2008.