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21. October 2013
Late summer 2009. A group of very hopeful fishers takes off at Gardemoen airport, Oslo. We have been sponsored by several Norwegian fishing and sport brands, and the goal was to get the mysterious arctic char in Svalbard summertime. The rumors was that it is impossible to catch it with fishing lures summertime. Net fishing from helicopter It started one day, in my work lunch room. A well travelled man told us that a friend of him had fished for scientific purposes after arctic char from...
06. February 2013
My fishing buddies at Team Blega with one of the good movies from the Trolling Master at Bornbolm, Denmark 2012. They ended up at 7th place and this is the best norwegian boat ever in this contest. Here they catch two big ones, where the biggest is more than 15kg!! Enter their blog to see more! (See friends)

31. January 2013
I have to admit that Fireline has been used a lot on my fishing reels from 1997 and up to now. I like others brands like Sufix 832 and Spiderwire Stealth or Code Red and others like them. But for casting with normal spinning reels, and specially smaller sizes under the 4000 size, I prefer the coated versions like Fireline. But now there is a new king in town; Nanofil. This is the slickest I have ever tried, and I have loved it for about two years. I love white lines, and from Spiderwire, Sufix...