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Boats & Marine equipment · 07. March 2017
This season I´ve really been occupied! Together with Båtliv and Jakt & Fiske I´ve planned two "new" boats as base for several new articles and tests. First out is the Askeladden P77 Weekend, complete with Simrad and Fusion gear. I´m "fake-buying» this boat from Erik at Agder Båt & Suzukisenter. He, and his guys has worked hard mounting all the stuff I needed and now the «hard work» has started.. Can´t tell you more about all the articles and plans for this boat, but I will keep...
Equipment test · 22. November 2016
Morten Martiniussen fishing for perch and walleye from the predator kayak. Nice - but very heavy! Build like a tanks, and last "forever".

Fishing · 16. September 2016
In the last number of Jakt & Fiske, I´ve written an article about circle hooks and their fantastic features for all kinds of fishing. The amazing hook has been my favourite for bait fishing at sea for years, but also freshwater fishing and flyfishing (!) have shown great use and catches with the over bendt hook.
Equipment test · 09. June 2016
For 12-13 years I have wanted to do this fly rod test! Together with Jakt & Fiske, and a dozen fishermen, stores and some kind fly rod manufacturers – Im proud to say: We did it! Don´t want to read more - just see the nerdy test results: Link The reason behind this test was simple. In 2001 I started to test dozens og cheap and medium prized fly rods against the most expensive rods on the marked. It surprised me that the casting difference was in many cases not measurable. After some...

Fishing · 21. April 2016
Asgeir will normally be in the front of the camera and I will do the filming and all the editing. All movies have a specific topic, and are made short and informative, but still with a compact presentation. We might surprise you with a short fishing movie, but mainly we are planning to do these 3 to 5 minutes takes filled with tips and neat tricks so you can catch more fish!
Boats & Marine equipment · 14. September 2015
This is a boat test published in the magazine Jakt & Fiske July 2014. Every year, I publish four boat test in this magazine, and this in one of them from 2014. Press for bigger readable photo. Sorry for the Norwegian!