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Fishing · 11. February 2017
It´s ice all over our country. Perch fishing is one of the funniest and easiest fishing style you can find. Asgeir shows how to do it and everybody in all ages can catch these tasty fishes.
22. February 2013
Finally after more than one month waiting, the final result is here! Me, Martin Ellingsen (Jakt & Friluft AS, Asker), Bernt Nor ( and Cato Bekkevold (As the King of the Big Fishes Himself) went to the inner Oslofjord to fish seatrout on the ice. We headed out to Snarøya to a secret (not so secret anymore) spot, where Cato has caught many seatrouts in the past. Even if we didn´t fill the ice sled with seatrouts, we had a fantastic day on the ice, and of course - with almost no...

18. February 2013
Fishing with Angeldon is a old technique on the ice. It´s extremely popular among pike fishermen, but other species like trout, seatrout, perch will loose against this smart way of fishing. The Angeldon not just one thing or brand, but it´s a way of signalisation of the bite, or a bite alarm if you want. This can be a visible alarm like the Pike Flag that I show here today, or it´s the more common "toy pistol" sound bite alarm version for the standard Angeldon or for use with normal rods....
13. February 2013
I have fished to much with waders and wading jackets in my life! Yes, this is a fact, and I do believe that I´m not the only one that have been in a boat all day, in waders that didn´t even get wet! Yes waders are good allround "pants", and works in a lots of places. But, do you really want tear down your expencive waders when you don´t need to?? Well, you might be wondering now? What has this to do with this parka jacket? Well, because of me and others, always use waders and wading jackets...

03. February 2013
From february to april you can win honor and glory at the ice around the country. Jakt & Friluft Gjøvik has started it´s annual Perch Contest 2013. The longest perch in centimeter wins a Kinetic Icebox full of equipment from Abu at the full prize at 5000NOK!! Get you lures in the holes and pick up some prices! Check it out at:
03. February 2013
Kim Solberg at Jakt & Friluft AS Gjøvik sent some photos to my cellular today, and I was quite impressed! All these fishes in one day! 17 in total. In the south of Norway where I live, it´s weeks of fishing to get the same amount of nice sized perches. The biggest one was caught on a Strike Pro balance lure at was 950g and this is a nice fish! I am going to Gjøvik next sunday fishing for perch and big trouts. These photos didn´t make it easier to wait! Congratulations Kim!

24. January 2013
Early tuesday morning I went out ice fishing with Bernt Nor from, Cato Bekkevold and my partner at Jakt & Friluft AS Asker; Martin Ellingsen. It was freezing cold, but we went out anyway. I will put on some few movies that we made this day in some days. Have patient with me - I´m back on the learning school with video editing.