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Boats & Marine equipment · 09. October 2017
Finally! After a half year of learning and testing the top 5 sonars in the world (at the moment) it feels just amazing to see the test in the new Båtliv that arrived today. It might be the worlds first comparison of the "BIG 5" brands at this level.
Fishing · 26. May 2015
Finally I had the chance to join Asgeir Alvestad for a long night with turbot (Piggvar) and flounder fishing in Lillesand. The water temperature is rising quickly these days, and we were afraid we might see few fish on the shallow waters. But as usual Asgeir knows his stuff (almost scary well...) and landed a beautiful turbot on a small sardine. It was the only turbot, but I was trilled! We shot some nice photos in his small boat. I`ve just bought the new Profoto B1 500 AirTTL light heads, with...

Fishing · 17. March 2014
Sea trout season is up and running!! Yesterday I was doing a boat test in Larvik, and of course we had to fish!! My three friends; Espen, Kurt and Bård came to visit me and help me test out an american fishing boat. But, who cares about the boat - if it works and the fish are biting?? And this day - the fish was absolutely in a good mood. We ended up getting more than 20 sea trouts in the boat, and we lost at least 10 fishes each. The average size on out fishes was maybe 600g and we had some...
02. November 2013
Not all stories can have a happy ending. Spesially not if you´re a fisherman! This is one of these stories. Longum Lake in Arendal is famous for it´s pike fishing. It delivers from time to time 10 kg + pikes and has so much food (perch and whitefish) in it, that it can hold many big ones without any problems. The thing that is sad, is that lately it doesn´t deliver like it used to do. I have fished this lake for years, and know many experienced fishers than trolls and drifts this lake so...

07. October 2013
Finally I was fishing again! Me and Andreas had the «worst day» day of fishing when I managed to forget my own camera! I was supposed to take photos to the next «Fisketips» in Jakt & Fiske magazine, but without the camera it became only fishing. But even if we started out bad, we didn´t really feel that we had it going this day, and with just a few fishes caught, we decided that we have to try again. This day I started with the camera. I shot the photos I needed for the magazine and...
05. July 2013
About one year ago I found this site with the crazy fisherman, Captain Blair Wiggins and his Addictive Fishing TV program on Youtube.

04. July 2013
On saturday 29 June the National Trolling competition was held. It´s one of the largest fishing competitions in Norway and this year was a little special. First of all, it was the 10th anniversary for the competition and with a new main sponsor (Jakt & Friluft AS) things changed a little bit.
04. June 2013
About one week ago, I went out to fish with Aslak from Team Blega, and Bernt from We where out to promote the Jakt & Friluft School of Trolling in Arendal and to make a short movie about trolling techniques in general. After some serious cutting and a few hours on the computer, Bernt pubished this video today on There isn't any reason to talk to much about this, just press play and watch! I am quite happy with the results, and even if the weather was horrible, we...

23. April 2013
In my latest article in the magazine Alt om fiske, you can read about the exiting drop shot fishing in the sea. Togeter with my friends, Martin Ellingsen and Preben Thorbjørnsen we manage to catch a lots of different species and sizes of fish from my boat in Arendal. I really believe that drop shot fishing is something every experienced fisherman should try to get a better understanding of how to present softbaits in this super realistic way. I hope you will find the story interresting!
16. March 2013
For the season of 2013, I will write and publish 11 or 12 articles about fishing. They will mostly be about seatrout fishing and trolling. So, just log in to and find them as the days fly by! This is the first one out!!

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