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Fishing · 16. September 2016
In the last number of Jakt & Fiske, I´ve written an article about circle hooks and their fantastic features for all kinds of fishing. The amazing hook has been my favourite for bait fishing at sea for years, but also freshwater fishing and flyfishing (!) have shown great use and catches with the over bendt hook.
21. October 2013
Late summer 2009. A group of very hopeful fishers takes off at Gardemoen airport, Oslo. We have been sponsored by several Norwegian fishing and sport brands, and the goal was to get the mysterious arctic char in Svalbard summertime. The rumors was that it is impossible to catch it with fishing lures summertime. Net fishing from helicopter It started one day, in my work lunch room. A well travelled man told us that a friend of him had fished for scientific purposes after arctic char from...

06. May 2013
Yes, this is bad.. Really bad. But it´s actually a great video to watch. Maybe you are like me, and will never see it more than one time. This guide from should recieved some kind of "medal of honor" to show this fishing tip live. It is actually not to difficult to remove hooks from the arm or your leg, but fingers are more tricky. But after seeing this movie, I bet you are more careful with you hooks!