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Fishing · 11. September 2017
I have been working as a halibut guide in Steigen for some days now, and finally we caught the fish we were hoping for! Together with Christer Rognerud I´ve guided for Helsport and Manshausen at "Camp Ousland". Then we went to Nordskot Brygge and made a fishing movie with Raymarine. After just a few hours, Christer caught this amazing catch, a monster man-sized halibut. When I´m home, I will upload more photos and videos! (The halibut is on the left side!)
Fishing · 13. September 2015
Earlier this year, I was testing a boat for a magazine at Børge Ousland´s new Adventure Island - Manshausen Island in Steigen, Norway. When his newly ordered boats, arrived at the same week as his opening party in July, we agreed that we had to "smack up a bunch of mosquitos" when we had the chance. Now, the boat test had also become a test fishing trip, a guided halibut trip for his guests and we worked as crazy, bringing people from shore to the island - and back. The fishing was not great,...

31. May 2013
When I came up to Bodø, my good friend at Rapala Norway; Anders Bergesen showed up at the fishing camp with a big smile! He had just cought a mega halibut, and was extremely proud and happy. First I didn´t believe him, but I soon understood that this was true. Out of his boat he (and 3 others) pulled out the a perfect deep sea monster. It had just been landed, and they did not know the weight yet. They just knew that this was at least 130kg. As I had my camera ready, I had the chance to take...