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11. August 2013
This story is already sold to a magazine, so I must be careful to not show to much in my blog. But I will tell in general where we have been and what we did, and I will shurely announce it when the article is printed and ready. This was one of my best Scandinavian fishingtrips ever! It startet when Martin Ellingsen and I arranged a two weeks vacation together in the end of July. We work together and have for a long time planned to do something like this.
05. July 2013
About one year ago I found this site with the crazy fisherman, Captain Blair Wiggins and his Addictive Fishing TV program on Youtube.

05. June 2013
Finally! This week will be my first weekend fishing for trout this year! We are heading up to a new "superlake" that is supposed to be really good on all size trouts. When the trolling National Contest where moved, we had to use the "extra" days for something fishy!
31. May 2013
When I came up to Bodø, my good friend at Rapala Norway; Anders Bergesen showed up at the fishing camp with a big smile! He had just cought a mega halibut, and was extremely proud and happy. First I didn´t believe him, but I soon understood that this was true. Out of his boat he (and 3 others) pulled out the a perfect deep sea monster. It had just been landed, and they did not know the weight yet. They just knew that this was at least 130kg. As I had my camera ready, I had the chance to take...

16. February 2013
For a long time I´ve been looking for something like this! A free but still complete book on DSLR filming. I have used it for a while, and it has really been what I was looking for. The book is from the site; NoFilmSchool, who is runned by Ryan Koo. This is what he says about his award winning site and blog: NoFilmSchool is a site for DIY filmmakers and independent creatives. The site focuses on tools and technology relevant to filmmakers, writers, directors, editors, producers,...
11. February 2013
The winter is soon over and if you want to travel, you must take action now! It´s good fishing all year long a lot of travel destinations, but it´s better to travel when it´s cold at home. The photo above is from Xcalac, Mexico. I travelled here in march and had a marvellous time. Normally I prefer travel to between desember and april. The fishing is normally good, but it´s just so relaxing to get a vacation without snow and cold minus degrees. It´s still time!

10. February 2013
During the last couple of years, I´ve heard a lot about the man and the fisherman; Johan Abelson from Sweden. And yesterday, just at pure luck, I had the chance to met him and see and hear his seminar on salmon trolling and some around the world fishing. I was completely amazed! This man was out fishing belugas, rainbowtrouts, king salmon and northern salmon all around the world before almost anyone that we know, had started to learn how to hook up with the local big fishes. I will now just...