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Travel · 31. January 2014
Me and my wife had a lovely time visiting Mindo in Ecuador a few years ago. I found this when looking for some fishing photo, and started to remember this beautiful place for birdwatchers and hikers in the mountains in my wife Ecuador. If you are going to Ecuador, don´t forget this prestine place!
07. February 2013
Ahh... Amazonas! How much I want to come back - and how happy I am that I am not there right now! ??????????? Yes, it´s like a lot of things in life! It´s just perfect, but also very hard on you body and mind. It´s for those times when you have energy that needs to be used. This is not me for the moment. Someday I will return. This photo shows us in the big canoe, moving as far as the engine can be used, and then use the Ally canues for the rest. It´s just hard, hard work and meter by...