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Fishing · 30. March 2016
It was Easter time, and the goal was to catch some big sea trouts from Anders new Buster S Fish. Anders has written all about it, and shared some real nice photos to give you a hint of what an amazing place it is to fish. Therefor I will not write to much about it this time, but I can tell you a little secret: The trip is a part of a new sea trout article I write for Jakt & Fiske, and soon you´ll see the whole story mixed up with some fishing tricks! Link to Anders blog about the trip;...
Fishing · 01. January 2014
This is a short movie from one of many hopeless sea trout trips to Denmark. This trip was saved by 1.000.000 escaped rainbow trouts and some good guides from Go Fishing in Odense, Fyn. Check it out and please let everybody know what you think about the movie!

Fishing · 01. January 2014
I thought that I was crazy when wading. But the crazy and well known seatrout fisherman, Claus Eriksen, just shows how dedicated and, dare I say; "stupid" we seatrout fishermen can get. I would never consider flyfishing without a wading stick in these conditions, but Claus - yes he did, and if you saw the movie, you know how bad that went! He is making a very exiting seatrout movie with Niels Vestergaard, that I believe will be mind blowing compared to all other seatrout movies out there!
Fishing · 13. December 2013
Finally a new book has found it´s way to my physical library in my living room. Oh yeah, internet and e-books and blogs are great, but they will never bear the feeling of raw material and good photos and stories in a real book. The book has been called «Havørred, Refleksioner på kysten» (Seatrout, Reflections on the coast) It´s built up with new stuff and many old and newer articles published in the «Fisk & Fri Magazines» from Denmark. Fisk & Fri is a high quality magazines,...