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Travel · 20. February 2014
This is a short competition with no fixed end. This means that when the the peak of answers are over - the contest is over! If you know this place, let me know. If you know something more than just the name of the place - your more likely to win! Fill in your adress, and I will send the fishing line for free to you if you win! The winner will get a pack of Sufix 832 fishing superline. Go here to fill out the form: link
Fishing · 27. January 2014
If you know the name of the "monster" - go to competitions and send me you answer!

Fishing · 17. November 2013
"And the winner is; Yvonne Østebø!! Yvonne was the only one that answered correctly on the name of this lure. She knew that the name of the lure was; "Fiskeprinsen" from Os, a beautiful place some miles south of Bergen. Personally I got this lure from Tove S. Tvedt, who´s family has made this lure for many years. Once upon a time, this was a very popular lure. It´s real name is Fiskeprinsen, no. 405, and it´s 8,5cm long. Thanks to all who took part of the competition! To Yvonne; Send me...
27. October 2013
Yesterday I was invited to be a part of the show, Gullkroken 2013. Gullkroken, the only show for norwegian sport fishers and made by sport fishers. This has quickly become the happening at the year, and this second time, doesn´t give anyone the impression that it will end here. Confrancier and full time crazy man; Cato Bekkevold guided us trough I hilarious nigh, full of verbal acrobatics as no one in Norway can do better, or worse. (guess that a good thing)

27. October 2013
This next competition is not as easy as just «like» my site. This time you really has to know a thing or two about fishing, or should I say; fishermen?? If you know who this ice fishing person is, then you just fill out the form here.. A small hint: His personality is as stable as he looks. You can win a perfect line for casting or ice fishing; 120 m Sufix 832 0,20mm, and a balanced jigger from Rapala. The value is about NOK 400. For more info - go to Competitions
25. October 2013
Finally we have decided who is winner of the first hundred «likes» on my Facebook site. My wife was originally supposed to pull out the winner, but she knows so many of you, that we let my mother in law do it. She picked a number from 1 to 100 and the lucky winner of my first competition is; Eric Bringsverd from Arendal. He has won two 120meters packages of Sufix´s new superline 832 (0,20mm and 0,28mm) and three Storm Suspending Wildeye Swimbait shads for pike fishing. (Total value about 700...

04. July 2013
On saturday 29 June the National Trolling competition was held. It´s one of the largest fishing competitions in Norway and this year was a little special. First of all, it was the 10th anniversary for the competition and with a new main sponsor (Jakt & Friluft AS) things changed a little bit.
09. May 2013
My friends from Team Blega sent me some nice salmon photos from their last trip to Bornholm and the annual "Trolling Master" competition there. They didn´t do it as well as last year (7th), but still they made to get among the 40 best boats out of about 250boats! This year my other friends at Team Havtroll, Fredrik and Nils Andre became the best norwegian boat, and ended up at 7th place! Congratulations to you guys!! What I like so much with these guys, (Team Blega and Havtroll) is that they...

25. February 2013
Today it´s the first day with a new feature that I hope people will like; Competitions! It´s big and small, high and low and allways just medium serious. If you like to win T-Shirts, fishing lures, Promo jackets and rods and reels, this is something for you. It´s not that many that will be included and I believe everybody has a fair chance to win something on my site. First competition out is quite unique and important: -------------------- The "Donald Duck" fish in Bodø needs a new name, a...