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Fishing · 01. January 2014
This is a short movie from one of many hopeless sea trout trips to Denmark. This trip was saved by 1.000.000 escaped rainbow trouts and some good guides from Go Fishing in Odense, Fyn. Check it out and please let everybody know what you think about the movie!
Boats & Marine equipment · 28. December 2013
Many people ask me about what camera and what lenses to buy. I try to put myself in their position and think of their needs, rather than mine. In some cases, or should I say; most cases, people end up with a Canon or a Nikon Kit, like the Canon EOS 650D with a cheap 18-55mm lens. For most people this is a good start, even if the lens is really not worth «anything». If you are not going to print a lot or make a living of shooting pro photography or video, it´s «ok» to have it in the...

Camera, Photo&Video and software · 23. November 2013
Have you bought a Canon digital camera, and lost your Canon Program CD´s or just haven´t a hole in your laptop to put it? Well, check out the video here, and your are up and running after five minutes! Today I´m taking some photos in my "worm studio". By worm studio, I mean taking photos of worms on hooks, in a aquarium in my house. «Crazy?» «Me?» Anyway I had promised my self, that this time I should use my Macbook Air 13 as a monitor and as a remote control to my Canon 5D MKII camera....
Camera, Photo&Video and software · 20. November 2013
Once again, have impressed me and teached me many lessons. This time they have served me the most complete online DSLR video making course I´ve seen. If you are into video, read this!

03. November 2013 - Bringing the pro´s to your home - or your brain My dream is that my homepage and my blog is about fishing, photography and film making. I just have a problem. Talking and writing about fishing has been my hobby and my job for years. Photography and film making is just ways or a tools to show my work, and sadly often forgotten. Many times, the photo part is harder and more painful than the fishing, but still, the fish gets the glory, not my Canons. Today I must tell you guys about...
28. June 2013
Once again the Norwegian learning place has made a quick guide to an amazing Adobe products latest update. This time it´s the new Lightroom 5 that has 4 really cool new funcions that they show us. Personally I really love this new update, and it has changed the way I work with my pre preparations on my photos. It´s super quick and really cool techniques that makes my day even better! Check out this norwegian movie about Lightroom 5

06. March 2013
The waiting is over! The Zero is here! After about 10 days of waiting, finally the IDC Zero System camera follow focus system arrived to my house! It has been pure joy mounting it on my camara and on my tripod. If you are shooting movies and photos with the same camera, I personally don´t think that it exist a more flexible solution out there! As soon as it has been tested enough I will tell you more about my feelings. Check out their web to learn more:
23. February 2013
If you are Norwegian or at least a Scandinavian, this is a nice feature for you. If you are a complete vegetable on photo editing and has just heard about Photoshop, this is an easy start with norwegian audio. If you are experienced, but not quite steady in Adobe programs or others, this is something you should consider. I have never learned photo or photo editing in school or went to any courses. But I have read books and studied hundreds of hours in internet. Some courses I had to pay to...

07. February 2013
Ahh... Amazonas! How much I want to come back - and how happy I am that I am not there right now! ??????????? Yes, it´s like a lot of things in life! It´s just perfect, but also very hard on you body and mind. It´s for those times when you have energy that needs to be used. This is not me for the moment. Someday I will return. This photo shows us in the big canoe, moving as far as the engine can be used, and then use the Ally canues for the rest. It´s just hard, hard work and meter by...
30. January 2013
How many of us didn´t believe that buying a GoPro, sticking it under the water on a pole, would give us great shoots. Well it didn´t happen right? It was blurry and with a little light and not really impressive. Check out this flatlens / The BlurFix comparison with a strait forward Gopro lense. This Olivia makes us look like dummies with cameras. Check out her work! She does a lot of great equipment test and tutorials.

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