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Camera, Photo&Video and software · 18. January 2014
I have found myself surrounded by old photo slides lately, and that brings along many good memories. Even if I would never go back to old slides, I have to admit that the «old school» have another way of hitting my senses. My memories. Searching thousand of slides in boxes or plastic holders, offers another way of thinking and remembering.
Fishing · 13. December 2013
Finally a new book has found it´s way to my physical library in my living room. Oh yeah, internet and e-books and blogs are great, but they will never bear the feeling of raw material and good photos and stories in a real book. The book has been called «Havørred, Refleksioner på kysten» (Seatrout, Reflections on the coast) It´s built up with new stuff and many old and newer articles published in the «Fisk & Fri Magazines» from Denmark. Fisk & Fri is a high quality magazines,...