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Fishing · 27. April 2016
Together with Asgeir Alvestad I went out fishing for turbot at shallow water from boat yesterday at full moon in the night. Fishing was bad, as it has been lately because of the cold water. But hope is in the air and soon the flats will be full of hungry and exclusive flat fishes! At the end of the trip - we were surprised by a green monster swimming toward the boat. We caught it, and this ugly fellow might actually be some kind of a record. Even if it isn´t - we´re never going to forget this...
Fishing · 21. April 2016
Asgeir will normally be in the front of the camera and I will do the filming and all the editing. All movies have a specific topic, and are made short and informative, but still with a compact presentation. We might surprise you with a short fishing movie, but mainly we are planning to do these 3 to 5 minutes takes filled with tips and neat tricks so you can catch more fish!