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Equipment test · 23. March 2020
Today I went fishing/hunting for creeps, shrimps, worms, bugs, snakes, wolves, foxes, seatrouts, flounders and all other living catchable creatures that would end up in our way.
Fishing · 23. March 2020
Have been out for some trips lately, and many of the trouts we get , are nice in nice conditions and stuffed with food. You should use the extra time along the cost line if you can.

Fishing · 26. March 2016
--- "3kg" ---- I had to call back and check if this was right, and yes - they had a nice trout bouncing in his boat. This big fishes are everyday catches in arendal, so I asked if I could come down to take some photos. Luckily they both wanted me to. Check out this nice trout and the happy guys! The happy fisherman was Niclas Bartolomei from Arendal. Soon you can read more about it on Eric´s blog: