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Fishing · 11. February 2017
It´s ice all over our country. Perch fishing is one of the funniest and easiest fishing style you can find. Asgeir shows how to do it and everybody in all ages can catch these tasty fishes.
Fishing · 15. November 2016
Finally it´s winter, and the movie I made with Asgeir last winter, can finally be shown to you all. I hope you´ll enjoy it and learn something about char fishing. It´s a super easy, affordable for everybody and perfect for the whole family. Remember to bring warm shoes and a big thermos, filled with hot chocolate or coffee!

Fishing · 14. November 2016
Together with some sporty fishermen, we went out fishing in beautiful light and cold winter weather in the fjord of Oslo. I was testing a boat, some fishing equipment and hoping to get a sea trout or two, while the other guys just went fishing. We were driving a Boston Whaler Montauk 190 in 41,5 knots in minus five degrees.. That´s cold! Lucky for me, I have a Ursuit windproof survival suit and ski glasses to keep the wind away. You´ll see more from this trip in a magazine in near future!
02. October 2013
This year I have sold my boat and my lobster traps. I´m gonna fish for trout instead! First, I will fish for brown trouts, and then when the temperature is correct, I will switch to seatrout fishing. The first really late fall fishing trips this year was together with working companion at Jakt & Friluft AS, Kai Kristiansen. Last year we had a nice trip to a small and beautiful lake. This year he promised me to show me another nice lake with some beautiful trouts and landscapes. And as...

31. August 2013
Today when I entered Asgeirs blog today I found his new fishing movie made together with the norwegian website Together with Bernt Nor from they fished outside Lillesand in south Norway. Asgeir Alvestad works at Pure Fishing Norway and are considered to be one of the best seafishermen in Norway. He has been doing fishing movies, books and a lot of articles and shows about fishing and his thoughts about fishing are for many considered to be "law". Check out this very...
31. January 2013
I have to admit that Fireline has been used a lot on my fishing reels from 1997 and up to now. I like others brands like Sufix 832 and Spiderwire Stealth or Code Red and others like them. But for casting with normal spinning reels, and specially smaller sizes under the 4000 size, I prefer the coated versions like Fireline. But now there is a new king in town; Nanofil. This is the slickest I have ever tried, and I have loved it for about two years. I love white lines, and from Spiderwire, Sufix...