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02. November 2013
Not all stories can have a happy ending. Spesially not if you´re a fisherman! This is one of these stories. Longum Lake in Arendal is famous for it´s pike fishing. It delivers from time to time 10 kg + pikes and has so much food (perch and whitefish) in it, that it can hold many big ones without any problems. The thing that is sad, is that lately it doesn´t deliver like it used to do. I have fished this lake for years, and know many experienced fishers than trolls and drifts this lake so...
11. August 2013
This story is already sold to a magazine, so I must be careful to not show to much in my blog. But I will tell in general where we have been and what we did, and I will shurely announce it when the article is printed and ready. This was one of my best Scandinavian fishingtrips ever! It startet when Martin Ellingsen and I arranged a two weeks vacation together in the end of July. We work together and have for a long time planned to do something like this.