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Camera, Photo&Video and software · 07. February 2018
My passion for Adobe products are fading slowly. Not because they aren´t great, but the fact that they are wasting my time and money in the” clouds” – making one-time-payments history - has inspired me to play with new photo editing software - again!
28. June 2013
Once again the Norwegian learning place has made a quick guide to an amazing Adobe products latest update. This time it´s the new Lightroom 5 that has 4 really cool new funcions that they show us. Personally I really love this new update, and it has changed the way I work with my pre preparations on my photos. It´s super quick and really cool techniques that makes my day even better! Check out this norwegian movie about Lightroom 5

23. February 2013
If you are Norwegian or at least a Scandinavian, this is a nice feature for you. If you are a complete vegetable on photo editing and has just heard about Photoshop, this is an easy start with norwegian audio. If you are experienced, but not quite steady in Adobe programs or others, this is something you should consider. I have never learned photo or photo editing in school or went to any courses. But I have read books and studied hundreds of hours in internet. Some courses I had to pay to...