The power of a big screen - and Fiskher
Fishing · 20. August 2021
Did you know that you can use your tablet with Fiskher app? I do it all the time, and recommend it.
Fishing · 29. March 2020
If you like to read what I write, watch the movies I make or use the equipment I recommend, then the April issue of Jakt & Fiske is an edition I am proud of.

Equipment test · 23. March 2020
Today I went fishing/hunting for creeps, shrimps, worms, bugs, snakes, wolves, foxes, seatrouts, flounders and all other living catchable creatures that would end up in our way.
Fishing · 23. March 2020
Have been out for some trips lately, and many of the trouts we get , are nice in nice conditions and stuffed with food. You should use the extra time along the cost line if you can.

Fishing · 05. March 2020
This day was great. Finally I feel that the seatrout is out of the shadow of the salmon, and that scientist and others will do more and set focus on my favorite species of all time.
Fishing · 02. March 2020
Our first fishing trip with the beta version of the "Fiskher" app.

Fishing · 10. February 2020
Finally, I can tell that I have been working with a new app for fishing. It has been kind of a secret - but not anymore!
Equipment test · 18. June 2019
I had no idea where to sleep, and I came all the way to Beiarn before I found what I was looking for. One meter from the water, where the ice had started to melt, I set up my latest test-tent and went to sleep.

Equipment test · 25. December 2018
Together with his freelance dad (me), Elias has been working as a fisherman and outdoor equipment tester for two years now. I just love the combination of being his dad and travel together. This is some of the work we have done
Travel · 23. November 2018
On the legendary Hare Island, six local instructors with dogs, weapons and a lot of experience stood ready

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