Equipment test · 18. June 2019
I had no idea where to sleep, and I came all the way to Beiarn before I found what I was looking for. One meter from the water, where the ice had started to melt, I set up my latest test-tent and went to sleep.
Equipment test · 25. December 2018
Together with his freelance dad (me), Elias has been working as a fisherman and outdoor equipment tester for two years now. I just love the combination of being his dad and travel together. This is some of the work we have done

Travel · 23. November 2018
On the legendary Hare Island, six local instructors with dogs, weapons and a lot of experience stood ready
Fishing · 13. November 2018
Few trips have been more profitable than the hesitant trip I had with Martin Ellingsen and Jan Robert Sveen in Kvikkjokk this summer. Read the whole article in Jakt & Fiske (link)

Fishing · 09. July 2018
Watch this short movie I made together with Bjørn Trones in the upper parts of Beiarelva in Northern Norway.
Equipment test · 29. June 2018
Finally it´s June, summer and Efttex! The worlds second biggest fishing tackle show is held in Amsterdam - and I was lucky enough to be there!

Fishing · 16. May 2018
Together with a group of marine enthusiasts, my brother Trond has started up Kote Null at Borøya, in Tvedestrand. My home island!
Camera, Photo&Video and software · 07. February 2018
My passion for Adobe products are fading slowly. Not because they aren´t great, but the fact that they are wasting my time and money in the” clouds” – making one-time-payments history - has inspired me to play with new photo editing software - again!

Camera, Photo&Video and software · 11. December 2017
Writing an article about ice fishing. Along with some nice photos I will use in some articles, my friend Christer Rognerud also sent me this photo of me and my Panasonic GH4 camera in the cold.
Boats & Marine equipment · 02. December 2017
It´s always inspiring to work with magazines and articles when they sometimes end up on the front page. This time it´s the amazing new pilothouse from Sting, the 630 Fast Track thats covers the frontpage.

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