The power of a big screen - and Fiskher

Did you know that you can use your tablet with the Fiskher app? I do it all the time, when it is the best option. read my 5 tips for better use of your tablet.

More than 200.000 fishermen are using the Fiskher app on their phones. But, not as many uses their tablets, and I think it is because we tend to always stick to our phones - just because it's the easy. But, if you use your tablet to plan your next fishing trip, og bring it in your boat on your next deep sea fishing trip, I'm certain that you will love the big screen. I usually bring an Ipad Pro 13, the one I draw the fishing spots on here at Fiskher, or a smaller 10-inch tablet from Samsung. Here's 5 my 5 tips (or reasons) for you:  


1 - Mount your tablet it in your boat with a tablet holder, such as a RAM mount, 

2 - Save battery on you smartphone, and use your tablet.

3 - Don´t have a chart plotter in your boat? Or dreaming about a double screen setup? Use the app and your tablet - and voila! It's a smooth ride with 70.000 fishing spots available. 

4 - Modern tablets have strong lights (measured in NITS) and are useful also at daytime. Not as bright as modern chart plotters (like Garmin or Lowrance) but still a good choice. 

5 - Beats smartphones 10/10 times for sofa-fishing when planning a trip or just cruising around. 


If you haven't tried the app yet - download it here.


Good luck!


This is how the coastline looks like at Spornes/Hove in Arendal. A superb spot for sea bass, sea trout, mackerel and garpike. To name a few. 

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