Tommy Egra

Me at Los Roques
Me at Los Roques


I was born in Farsund, Norway 1978, and came out blue.. I still believe I can thank God for survival. I moved to Borøya, a small island outside Tvedestrand, four and a half years later. This place was surrounded by the sea and soon I became hooked on fishing! It looks like I was hooked up pretty good and can’t get away from it.


I fished almost every day, and soon fishing was becoming my hobby and my job at 18. My first camera I bought in when I served in the army at 19. This was a silly camera, and the quality was terrible. As soon as I returned to the normal world I sold it and bought me an Canon EOS 5 camera, and I´m still eager to shoot all I see. 


From 1999 I worked 4 years in “Jakt & Friluft AS” who is one of Norway’s biggest and most complete hunting, hiking and fishing equipment store. After this I ended up 3 years in the Norwegian company Elbe Normark AS (Rapala Norway) as their PR & Customer Trainer. Then, in 2006 I took 1 year off from my professional fishing career, and went to an bible and mission study in the LOBC (Livets Ord Bibel Center, eng: Word Of Life Bible Center) in Uppsala, Sweden. When I was in Sweden I started my own freelance company and started to sell articles and photos about fishing.


Straight after school in Sweden I filled up my Pelican cases with my belongings (mostly cameras and fishy stuff) and moved to Ecuador where I married my wife Gloria on the 25. August 2007.


In 2008 we went back to Norway and have lived here since. I worked at Jakt & Friluft AS from 2008 until October 2013. After a time as a freelance photographer and writer, I started working at a Marketing Manager at NQ Sport (NQ Active) in Oslo. I worked more or less two years with these ski entusiast and learned a lot about ads, web site building and made two complete catalogues for them.


After leaving NQ Sport, I starter to work 100% as a Freelance journalist and film maker and love what I do. My office is in Arendal and my two biggest magazines are Jakt & Fiske and Båtliv. 


My first book project "Sjøørret" was released in October 2014, and this is the first time I´ve been together writing a book. For this book we also won a literature prize, the "Sørlandets litteraturpris" 


God bless you all - and for you fishermen out there -


            “Best wishes with the BIG fishes!!"