NO.4 - A special issue for me

In the latest issue of Jakt & FIske, I have a great seatrout article, two equipment test and some two-page photos. A part from this, this issue contains some important articles thats "spot on"

If you like to read what I write, watch the movies I make or use the equipment I recommend, then the April issue of Jakt & Fiske is an edition I am proud of. The cover image summarizes the main article in the magazine, and it took 17 years to prepare just that one! A part from the article about seatrout fishing from shore in Salten, I have some test and two double-sides photos that are really great. 

I have had many major articles in my almost 20 years as a sport fishing writer. Still, this is the one I've spent the most time writing, and with an average of one to two trips to Salten annually since 2003. It was fun that the article got so big and great. Thanks to everyone who has helped me during these years. Special thanks to Kjetil and Anton Flakke, Anders Hjelmeseth, Løvold Bodø and Arctic Seasport, Saltstraumen fishing camp and Beiarelva SA, William Rydland and Jonas Næstby Eilertsen.

At a time when the Oslo Fjord is "closed" to regular fishing, XXL and G-MAX have created enormous uncertainty in the market over many years, and internet trade is increasing - it is difficult to run a regular fishing shop in Norway. This article addresses the issue. Extra fun is that I have taken the lookup picture they have used (incorrectly credited). For those who are wondering is the picture of Martin Ellingsen, and it is included Canon's 500mm with 2x converter lens during summer fishing in Denmark.

Test of Klättermusen mountain trousers. After a long time, it was time to publish my thoughts on Klättermussen's mountain pants. As you can see from the picture, I threw a five on the dice. Read why in the magazine.

I also tested Wiley X's Omega fishing sunglasses. These are a typical "Tommy Egra test product" as I like to test my products through a normal "circle of a season" for the product I am testing. The glasses have also been with a friend on Sailfish fishing and used for all kinds of fishing and field trips by me. Read why I think they deserve a five on the dice in the magazine.

Finally, I will include an article about sea otters. It was written by Atle Skjelde's talented pen and became really good. The reason I want to highlight it is because of my work on salmon cultivation through SNVF, where we hear almost weekly from rivers struggling with the otter - without having the chance to deal with the problem. Hopefully, there will be more articles about what we i SNVF call the "Total Salmon Threat".