Trout in small creek in Beiarn

Watch this short movie I made together with Bjørn Trones in the upper parts of Beiarelva in Northern Norway.

I've been filming salmon fishing in this popular river for a few days and needed a "trout-escape". We went to the top of the river where only a few spots are deep enough to fish. I love the "jungle fishing" feeling this river gives me and I recommend you all to try it someday!


In the movie I wrongly calls this a super small creek, but it is actually a normal sized river, but extremely shallow. When I fished and filmed, it was very low on water and only a few spots where actually possible to fish. I caught the fish on a Møreungen 12g Orange lure with black dots. I got more fish as well and had a superb day fishing here. 


Thanks to Bjørn and André for a nice evening in the river