Front page and boat test in Båtliv

It´s always inspiring to work with magazines and articles when they sometimes end up on the front page. This time, I´ve driven the amazing new pilothouse from Sting, the 630 Fast Track. It the same boat thats covers the frontpage

We we where lucky when we drove this boat. Weather was bad, but the sun came trough and we did a great photoshoot and fished the whole day. Together with the designer, Espen Thorup, I learned a lot about the boat and what to look for when I picked up another less equipped boat some days ago. This one I drove this boats from Oslo to Arendal. After more than 100nm, I can surely say that this truly a special boat and perfect for out coastline. I´ll soon put on some information about that trip as well. 


If you want to read the magazine, find in a store, or go to www.batliv.no and read this and tons of other stuff as well. (free or paid)