Top 5 12 inch fish finder test

Print screen from the article in Båtliv

Probably the worlds´ first 12 inch fish finder comparison test - in Båtliv. Finally! After a half year of learning and testing the top 5 sonars in the world (at the moment) it feels just amazing to see the test in the new Båtliv that arrived today.

It has been like a small journey. Finland, Italy and Great Britain together with countless trips around Norway, to learn about the latest functions, software updates and meny structures. My poor wife has received monster boxes at the door, and my office has been a disaster.. (Well… At least more than usual) Cables, transducers and Navionics card with maps, have been floating on my desk.

Print screen from the article in Båtliv

I got a boat from Silver Boat (Kellox AS) that we used just for the test and it has worked perfect. Their sliding transducer helped us to change sonars on the go, and RAM sonars holders held all of the heavy sonars – even when the Silver was jumping out of the waves.    

Superb boat for fresh & saltwater fishing. The secret is still on the back. The transduser mount is a sweet dream for a sonar tester like me. ;) 


Here I´m testing in Arendal summertime with my good friends Erik Espeland and Andreas Hurvenes. They was amazingly good to pretend that they thought it was "fun to test sonars" and fish a lot less than normal.

Thanks to the people behind the products! It has been fun to learn how they are thinking, be a part of many early bird software updates and talking to the pros about fishing, navigation and fish finding. I can honestly say that all 5 brands, have all we need to be taken care of if we need help or service. They have impressed me a lot!


And finally – thank so my friends and family. They had to be fishing or use their vacation on a boat with a “sonar nerd”. At times I cared more about fish registering than my friends catches..


I hope the test can help you to find the right brand for you!

This is the comment on the new flag ship from Lowrance - the Carbon.

Deep water test from 250 to 300m. This one from Garmin

Close up photos from real sample screen shots

This is the magazine you must look for in your mail or in the stores this month! If you don´t get it - you can read this article at båtliv.no here