Cod fishing outside Homborsund


Another beautiful day at sea! Together with fishing my buddies Johan and Magnus, I went fishing for cod, hoping for sea trout, outside Lillesand and Homborsund a beautiful and sunny spring day in March.

We fished in “my” test boat; the Askeladden P77 Weekend. It´s rigged with a hefty 200hp Suzuki, Simrad sonars and Fusion sound, accompanied by tons of rods and gear from various brands. It was cloudy and chilly when we left the bay, and the fishing was just ok.


Later on, the sun decided to lighten up the day, and the fish started to bite. There wasn´t five minutes without action! But, they where hard to catch, and we tried all kinds of lures to get them.


Since we are soft and nice men(!), we bonded well with the softbaits, and the fish started to fill the bucket with nice 1-2kg fishes, and a few bigger. Since I´m working with the boat and the gear, I was busy taking photos and jumped off on an island to get these nice “speedboat with Light House in the back” kind of photos, and forgot my phone on the rock…


These was 5 days ago, and the phone is still out there.. Luckily it´s a waterproof Samsung S7 Edge, and finally I got use of the waterproof feature. Is there a better excuse to go back fishing – than forgetting your phone?? I really need it!


Thanks to the crew of the day. They are great fishermen and boat drivers.


I can´t show you the best photos yet – they are saved for the magazines Jakt & Fiske and Båtliv for the boat test and upcoming articles about gear mounting.