Working and fishing in Oslofjorden


Together with some sporty fishermen, we went out fishing in beautiful light and cold winter weather in the fjord of Oslo. I was testing a boat, some fishing equipment and hoping to get a sea trout or two, while the other guys just went fishing. We were driving a Boston Whaler Montauk 190 in 41,5 knots in minus five degrees.. That´s cold! Lucky for me, I have a Ursuit windproof survival suit and ski glasses to keep the wind away.

You´ll see more from this trip in a magazine in near future!


It was tons of herring, anchovy and other baitfish in the fjord. Strangely enough - we found few bigger fish around them and even less bites. But, when you see all these bait balls, it´s very inspiring to keep on fishing! 


I have to admit that I have fallen in love with my Ursuit survival suit.. It´s just the new standard when I´m out fishing and danger og cold is around me.


We had to work had for the fishes we got! Fishing with gloves or mittens aren´t exactly the easiest solutions..