Mr. Alvestad tattoo photo session

Photo: Tommy Egra

I have done hundreds of photo shoots in my life. Some are just forgotten among the rest, but some days are so fun, crazy or just strange that I´ll never forget them. Taking photos of a man without a shirt - is for sure one of them! 


But, I have to say that it wasn´t like I believed when I first rigged up my Profoto B1 studio lights in Asgeir´s house. We had so much fishing to talk about, that it became some kind of normal to shoot his back. We even tried different positions and lighting options, until we found the best results. 


I hope Asgeir got what he wanted and that I have reserved the colors and work of the famous tattoo artist; Jarl Kajaste who did the actual job. 


Read the whole story at Asgeir´s blog here


Foto: Tommy Egra


Asgeir´s shark caught on a fly. A monster fish and one of the most dangerous fish to catch and release! 


Foto: Tommy Egra


The center fish is a fast fighter! The sailfish is one of the strongest fight you can hook up to!

The "Hardy"

Foto: Tommy Egra


Under the three fishes, Asgeir has attached a flyrod and some flies to his back! Is a Hardy rod and reel made for exotic fishing.