Safe with circle hooks article in Jakt & Fiske

In the last number of Jakt & Fiske, I´ve written an article about circle hooks and their fantastic features for all kinds of fishing. The amazing hook has been my favourite for bait fishing at sea for years, but also freshwater fishing and flyfishing (!) have shown great use and catches with the over bendt hook.


Maybe I love it because it´s so different? But for shure I like it for it hight and secure catching rates. It´s just the surest thing if the fish has actually swallowed your bait.

In my quest for information about the hook, I learned a lot about the circle-history, got new ideas and tips and met Mr. Hook himself, or Geir Sivertzen, another name he

also answers to. He is one of the worlds greatest hook experts and loves circle hooks as well. We had too many good ideas and a such a nice day together, to call this article my last about circle hooks. I belive some new circle action is soon to come..

Best wishes with circle hooks and the big fishes!

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