New massive web-version – Expensive vs Cheap

Video introduction of the net version of the test

For 12-13 years I have wanted to do this fly rod test! Together with Jakt & Fiske, and a dozen fishermen, stores and some kind fly rod manufacturers – Im proud to say: We did it!


Don´t want to read more - just see the nerdy test results: Link


The reason behind this test was simple. In 2001 I started to test dozens og cheap and medium prized fly rods against the most expensive rods on the marked. It surprised me that the casting difference was in many cases not measurable. After some years, the cheaper fly rods became even better, closing the gap.


I still love a good expensive fly rods (I have a few.. ) and all that´s behind them, but serious, we have to ask our self; “What´s the reason we´re buying them?” Instead of focusing only on casting, we have measured all there is to measure and given each rod a number in the end.


We have done a massive job, measured all the rods in ways never done in Norway before. Our goal was clear, we wanted to show you what you are paying for and what you get! I promise that the results will surprise you!

The photos that never entered in the test - hard work for nothing...