New fishing movies with jakt & Fiske

Together with Asgeir Alvestad and The Jakt & Fiske Magazine, I`m producing fishing movies in the new series "Asgeir & Tommy´s Fishing School".

Asgeir will normally be in the front of the camera and I will do the filming and all the editing. All movies have a specific topic, and are made short and informative, but still with a compact presentation. We might surprise you with a short fishing movie, but mainly we are planning to do these 3 to 5 minutes takes filled with tips and neat tricks so you can catch more fish!

Asgeir Alvestad

Asgeir Alvestad is one of the most popular and experienced fisherman in Norway. He fishes all kinds of fish and have got some of the biggest fishes in the world - and some of the smallest (!!) 


He loves to share his tips and fishing journeys on his blog


He will mostly be in the front of the camera and doing what he knows best - fish and talk about fishing! 

Jakt & Fiske Mag

Jakt & Fiske is the biggest magazine in Norway about fishing, outdoor and hunting. I have worked with these great guys for some years now - and they are making a great magazine and represent NJFF. (The Norwegian Hunting and Fishing Association)


The movies we are making are for them, and will only be published in their channels.

The movies

We are planning to make as much as 30 fishing school movies this year! Oh yeah! That´s lots of gigabytes and tons of clips to be made. Still we are having fun and hope that you´ll like it as well! 


Since it´s sea trout time, first movie out is about the nereis worm "Børstemarken". The next movie is soon published, and if you keep on following magazine, me or Asgeirs blog - you won´t miss it!