Halibuts at manshausen, steigen 2015

Earlier this year, I was testing a boat for a magazine at Børge Ousland´s new Adventure Island - Manshausen Island in Steigen, Norway. When his newly ordered boats, arrived at the same week as his opening party in July, we agreed that we had to "smack up a bunch of mosquitos" when we had the chance. 

Now, the boat test had also become a test fishing trip, a guided halibut trip for his guests and we worked as crazy, bringing people from shore to the island - and back. The fishing was not great, it was extravagant and comfortably close to the camp!  But, before me and my co- guide; Trond Mossmann from Lyngdal Jakt & Fiskesenter, could start the guiding - we had to get some halibut for the grill party!

To make a long story brutally short, everything is as you dream of, and the halibuts are attacking your baits, at shallow water, giving you a hefty fight at the sandy beaches of Steigen. I caught 5 fishes, at one day and I broke my personal record on the last fish of the day. 185cm of pure power, caught, "kissed" and released back for the next lucky fisherman.

If you want to join me, Børge and my friend and our very experienced co- guide; Roger Nilsen - go to this side and book your trip from 9-11 Oktober 2015, at Manshausen, Steigen. This is a pre-tour and are priced at only 5900 NOK, all included except the flight to Bodø and the ferry to Steigen.