Sjøen for alle - Boat show

I am now visiting Båter i sjøen (Boat show) in Oslo, Picking up boats for boat test in Jakt & Fiske magazine for 2016. When walking among the boats, I tend to meet many old friends and making new ones. On the photo, I´m posing together with Frank Ronny from A-Team, and Erik Gammelsrød that has worked with me earlier with electric motors, downriggers and sonars.


I am on the show today, and have already chosen one of the boats, and hoping to get one more by the end of the day.


Choosing boats at autumn and testing them before the summer season, has helped me a lot. Now I can have the boats for more days – and that means more fishing!!


You have to wait some months, but soon you can read my test in Jakt & Fiske 2016.


I picked the photo from A-teams blog on the boat show. Click the link to read their comments on the show: