Turbot fishing with Asgeir Alvestad

Finally I had the chance to join Asgeir Alvestad for a long night with turbot (Piggvar) and flounder fishing in Lillesand. The water temperature is rising quickly these days, and we were afraid we might see few fish on the shallow waters. But as usual Asgeir knows his stuff (almost scary well...) and landed a beautiful turbot on a small sardine.

It was the only turbot, but I was trilled! We shot some nice photos in his small boat. I`ve just bought the new Profoto B1 500 AirTTL light heads, with TTL control for Canon cameras. I have to, but I just brought one, and this made the light perfect for this shot. I can`t wait for new fish and fishermen to light up!

If you visit Asgeirs blog, I´m shure he has written something about this also!